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Corporate information about our company

Our History

  • The main field of activity of our company, which began  its commercial operations with its announcement on the 68th page of the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette dated on February,2,1990 with the number 2457; is all types of construction and contracting services.
  • Our company, continuing its steady growth , increases its technical competence and capacity as a result of the operational efficiency on its each new project . It works on and on with the techniques that reduce not only the completion times but also the costs without compromising on service quality or safety.
  • Our company plays an important role in increasing the life quality with the services that it offers and contributes to Turkey’s economic development with the taxes it pays.
  • It has delivered hundreds of projects in various places in Turkey and goes on working diligently in the projects it carries out .
  • It gets through its work in an efficient and effective way  with the construction machinery and equipments it keeps within.
  • It always maintains a truly reassuring feature with the projects completed in various fields such as schools, universities, dormitories, housings, infrastructure, hospitals, military barracks, bases, battalions and brigades.
  • Due to its consistent quality and thoughtful service, Pekhan Construction has created a truly customer confidence and it stays a step ahead thanks to experience gainedby each new project.
  • In accordance with its policy of acting in eco-friendly ways to keep both environmental and human safety , Pekhan Construction is a company that obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management system certification.

Introducing Pekhan Construction

Our Mission

Our company plays an important role in increasing the life quality with the services that it offers and contributes to Turkey’s economic development with the taxes it pays.

Our Vision & Strategy

Increasing references day by day in accordance with its targets, our company is becoming a global brand without compromising on service quality or labor discipline

Message from the Chairman

Pekhan Construction, serving since 1991, has reached an important point in the sector with the projects it has carried out.

We achieve the targets we set, maintaining  the suitable infrastructures for today’s requirements without losing the excitement that our work offers us as the first day. We set store in  technology, which is  a requirement to use in the competitive conditions of the 21st century, for the purpose of producing higher quality and consumer relevance. We try to adapt the new technology to our work that helps us to stay a step ahead.

Our company has notched up clear successes in hundreds of projects with its resoluteness .

We have kept on working without compromising on corporateness.  Delivery of the works the works on time in full has made us a wanted company . The memory of the company, created with our experience, has been formed and developed with innovative approaches.

We have always acted with our strategy based on providing added value that would be an important acquisition in the future of our country.

We have worked being keenly aware of the responsibilities we have taken and we rolled up our sleeves for new projects with the same awareness.

We have carried on a works not only in Turkey but also worldwide bearing in mind the position of the sector.

We have acquired a global vision following the world trends in terms as machinery, equipment, operation principles , market analysis. we managed all our projects in line with this vision.

We are aimed to complete our ongoing projects and to continue working on new projects.

We keep up with the world following closely the developments in the sector, and show a maximum effort to complete our missions optimally.

Best regards

Mehmet Zeki Peker

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